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Outdoor Kitchen Sets

Make the most of your two kitchens

Some people may ask, “why should I spend so much money on an outdoor kitchen when I have one inside my home?. One answer to that question among many, is convince. If your family is the type who spends most of their time outside, then this is the thing for you. Do you love hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill? How about barbecued steak tips? With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook any meal outside.

Outdoor Kitchen SetsWith a grill, you can cook your meats outside. Usually you have to go back inside to cool the vegetable and the side dish. Between bringing the food outside to your family and bringing beverages and condiments, you will find yourself running in and out of the house several times.

After everyone has finished eating, you must clean the grill outside and clean up inside from the cooking that you did in there. Between the running back and forth, inside and outside, you barley have time to enjoy your meal. The outdoor kitchen could be exactly what you need. The outdoor kitchen is just like the kitchen in your home. If you have the outdoor kitchen, you will no longer need to cook in two different places again.

The outdoor kitchens have several designs to choose from. You can choose a traditional kitchen set up. You ban also purchase or design a bar-style kitchen or an island-style design. Your outdoor kitchen can be mounted to be permanently stationary position.

The kitchen can also be on casters if you wanted to roll it, for example, in and out of your garage or shed. Normally, if an outdoor kitchen owner plans to keep the unit outside all year they will purchase the stationary model. Purchasing the mobile model is useful only if you plan to move it regularly.

You can choose to have a roof on your outdoor kitchen if you want to cook in the rain. Your outdoor kitchen will have cabinets. These cabinets are made out of WearEver wood. This is a wood that can withstand the rain and other elements. It is a wood that does not rot or warp. You can keep dishes in your outdoor cabinet so that you are not running plates and bowls in and out of the house.

Your outdoor kitchen will also come drawers. You can use these drawers for utensils so that you won’t find yourself running back in the house to get an extra fork. The outdoor kitchen is designed to give you all of the comforts of the kitchen in your home. Some of the top of the line outdoor kitchens will even come with a built in fireplace to sit by on a cold night.

The first part of making dinner is preparation. It is not sanitary to cut up raw vegetables and marinate meat on an old picnic table. Without the outdoor kitchen, you will end up missing the party because you will be inside preparing dinner. With the outdoor kitchen, you will be able to prepare your meal on it’s counter top. Some kitchens even have extra space for seating. You will have room to put three or four bar stools, and you have a seating area. Most outdoor kitchens will come with a built-in refrigerator. This is extremely convenient.

If you are having a cookout with friends and family, you do not want to be running in and out of the house refilling guest’s drinks. Coolers work well but only for a short period time. On a hot, humid, summer day, the heat will melt the ice and cause your beverages to get warm. With a refrigerator outside, your beverages will always stay cold Wouldn’t it be nice to have your ketchup, mustard, and relish already outside with you? There is no running in and out because you forgot things.

 Thanks to your outdoor refrigerator, this will no longer be a problem. Most of the outdoor kitchens on the market have two different cooking appliances. First, you have your gas grill. This is the grill that you will cook your hamburgers on, as well as your hot dogs, chicken and steak. Corn on the cob is another dish that will be cooked on the gas grill. With the help of aluminum foil, you can cook roasted potatoes on the gas grill. Your outdoor kitchen will also have a small wood-burning oven.

This oven can be used for breads and dinner rolls. Believe it or not, you can cook a pizza in your wood-burning oven. Also, pies can be cooked in this stove. You will not even need to go inside for dessert. Another way to cook on your outdoor kitchen is on the burners. On these burners you can cook pasta, make a soup, or even macaroni and cheese for the kids. These burners work just like the burners in your “indoor” kitchen. After you have finished cooking and eating, it is time to clean up. Having a sink in your outdoor kitchen comes in very handy. After doing everything outside, who wants to lug the dishes and all of the pots and pans inside? With the outdoor kitchen, clean up can be done outside as well.

Overall, the outdoor kitchen is perfect for all phases of outdoor cooking. From preparation to cleanup, your outdoor kitchen can help you do it all.