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Outdoor Kitchen Islands

When a home owner has some extra money, or if they just refinanced their home, one thing that they will consider is remodeling. This will make their home look better and it will also raise the value of their home. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs were the most popular. Recently, a new area for remodeling has become more and more popular. It is back yard remodeling. One main thing involved with back yard remodeling is having an outdoor kitchen island.

An outdoor kitchen island is more than just your typical grill. It can be a gourmet kitchen that is outside your home. There are so many different options for your outdoor kitchen island, if you have the money the possibilities are endless. Other than the amazing design and the sleek look of outdoor islands, they also offer convenience. With your simple grill, it is necessary to run in and out of the house with supplies. If you are cooking side dishes, if may be necessary for you to cook it in the house. That is no longer a problem if you have an outdoor kitchen island.

There are a few different ways that you can go with your island. The option that you choose usually depends on your budget. If you have a very large budget, customizing your island is the way to go. When you customize your own island, the whole thing will be created to fit your needs. You can build the island to match the colors of your home.

You can use the same color bricks that you have on your patio. You can match the trim of the island to the color of your home. You can also choose the shape and size of your island as well.


The more appliances and accessories that you wish to add, the larger you will need to build your island. The appliances that you can put in your outdoor island are limitless. You can put just about anything in your outdoor kitchen that you can inside the house. Your grill will be the heart of you outdoor island. After that, you build around it. Some people choose to have burners next to their grill. This is a good idea if you want to cook pasta or macaroni. Another cooking source that you can add is a small wood burning oven.

In this oven, you can cook bread, dinner rolls, pizza, and even pies. Some people will even choose to add a Wok to their kitchen. The more cooking sources you add to your island, the larger your menu can be when entertaining. Having a refrigerator is a must in a custom designed island. This will stop the endless trips into the house for drinks and condiments. Everything will always be right there. Some custom islands will even have sinks installed. If hot water is hooked up along with the cold, running in the house with dirty dishes will be a thing of the past. They can be washed right outside. The seating area on an outdoor kitchen can be an extended counter top. Setting up a few bar stools will give your guests an area to watch you cook and to eat. If you are known to entertain several people, it is a good idea to purchase a separate patio set. You can get an umbrella for it so that your guests can stay out of the hot sun while they are eating. There have been a few of the most photographed, upscale designs that have actually had an auto-rise, 36 inch plasma television built into it. The things that you can do with a custom built outdoor kitchen are endless.

The semi-custom design allows you to choose from a variety of configurations and exterior finishes. When the customer has the cut out dimensions for the grill and other appliances, the island is manufactured off site In about three weeks your island will be delivered for installation of your grill. This choice of outdoor kitchen island is becoming more and more popular.

The most popular island is the prefab island. This is an island that can go with you when you move. This island is very heavy but it is possible to move it. Although you are limited in your island design when you go with the prefab, there are very exciting styles available. You are not just looking at plain wood anymore. You can choose from stucco, faux stone, and faux marble finishes. You can choose from several different counter tops. The shapes of the islands vary from oval, square, rectangle, and even an L-shape. You can find prefab islands with different styles of shelving and cabinet placement. By going with the prefab island, you are saving yourself from needing the building permits necessary for the custom islands.

A freestanding cart is also available. This type of island is for someone who likes to move the cooking area around whether it is by the pool one day or by the picnic table another day. The freestanding cart has your drawers for storage, counter top prep area, and if you want, an umbrella to give the chef some shade. Some of the more expensive models have a refrigerator in the base of the cart.

However you choose to design your island, or if you buy it already designed, it is a convenient, stylish addition to your yard. Your guests will always be impressed.