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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking about having an outdoor kitchen installed in your back yard something that you should really consider having outdoor kitchen cabinets installed as well. 

An outdoor kitchen is costly in itself, however, adding kitchen cabinets will not be as costly as you may think. They not only look nice but they are also a very convenient part of the kitchen.

One reason for having kitchen cabinets installed outside is for convenience.  People install outdoor kitchens in their back yards to make their outdoor kitchen look more like their indoor one.   They do everything that they can to make their outdoor kitchen just as convenient as their indoor kitchen. 

By installing outdoor kitchen cabinets as well, you will have the convenience of your indoor kitchen. Because of the kitchen cabinets, you could be saving yourself numerous trips back and forth to the house. 


You can keep an outside set of dishes in your outside kitchen.  Most people will purchase a set of dishes strictly to be used outside.  This kitchen dish set will usually have some sort of an outside pattern on it such as flowers or fish. 

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Kitchen Island PlansIt is possible for an outdoor kitchen to be made out of wood.  There is a special type of wood that is used in outdoor kitchens.  It is called WearEver.  This is a durable wood.  It is designed to weather rain, snow, wind.  It cannot be ruined from rot.  It cannot crack.  Also, it cannot fade.  The UV rays from the sun can sometimes cause the color to fade. 

These outdoor kitchen cabinets are weather proof.   You can also have drawers made to go with your kitchen cabinets.  Most people need a place in their outdoor kitchen for utensils.  Why spend thousands of dollars on a kitchen so that you can keep everything at your reach if you are not going to have drawers installed for utensils.  The best bet for anyone who installs an outdoor kitchen is to go all the way. If you are going to have a Wok installed, you should have a drawer made for the chop sticks.  

Another material that people use for their outdoor kitchen cabinets is stainless steel.  This is a very weather proof material as well.  It does not rust or get discolored. If it rains, most of the stainless steel drawers have a small gutter on them to be sure that water does not well up and pour into the drawer.  If you are using stainless steel cabinets, you should not make the frame of your kitchen stainless steel.  You should stick with stainless steel for the whole project. 

outdoor kitchensIn the past few years stainless steel has become a very overly used material.  People are buying stainless steel refrigerators for inside their houses so why not purchase stainless steel kitchen cabinets in your outside kitchen. This is another stainless steel appliance that you can purchase to match your outdoor kitchen.  This will match the rest of the layout and is also popular.

If you are looking to just add counter tops and lower cabinets to your outdoor kitchen area that is possible as well.  The counter top can be made out of many different materials.  There is granite, marble, wood, and butcher block.  Any of these counter tops are fashionable and will also match with whichever type of cabinet you choose. 

There are many places that you can go for your outdoor kitchen cabinets.  The first thing that you need to do is decide what type of material you will be using.  If you are going with wood, you will have to find a place where WearEva is sold.

Usually the best place to find it and find exactly what you are looking for is to just use their store or website. If you have the specs for the kitchen then you will be able to look at the WearEve website and find exactly what you are looking for.  If you are looking for stainless steel, it will be easier.  Stainless steel can be found almost anywhere.  As long as you have the specs, you can have your counter top and cabinets built. 

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 If you are still not sure if kitchen cabinets are worth it, think about entertaining your family.  The food is cooking and the table is ready to be set.  Now you need to find someone who knows your kitchen well to go in and get the utensils that you require.  If there is no one who knows the kitchen well enough to find everything, you will need to go inside yourself and make sure that there is someone who will be able to watch your food while you go into the house to get the utensils.  It is a good idea to have all of these things at hand.  If you have kitchen cabinets installed, you will be saving yourself a lot of running around.  Having the outdoor kitchen cabinets is the smartest idea.  Besides dishes, there are other things that you can keep in your kitchen cupboards.  You can keep can foods in these cupboards and other foods that are either nonperishable or that you will be using in the near future.  It may be necessary to have pots and pans in your outdoor kitchen.  You will especially need pans outside if you added the burners to your outdoor kitchen set up.

Most already built outdoor kitchens do not have the cabinets.  You will either try to add them which does not always look good.  Your best bet is to order the semi-custom or build the whole custom kitchen yourself.  The whole point for the outdoor kitchen is convenience.  Why not go all the way for it. 

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