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Classic Kitchen Islands

There is a piece of furniture that is not only stylish but also very convenient.  It has become very popular in kitchens everywhere.  In the past ten years, they have been becoming more and more popular.  It is the classic kitchen island.  This is not only a very attractive piece of furniture, but it is also very convenient as well.  These islands help to fill up large space in the middle of a kitchen.  For a family with a dining room, islands have begun to replace the kitchen table.  Families use the dining room table for big dinners and they will sit at the island for lunch or a quick snack. 

Chairs are not used around the classic kitchen island as they are in kitchen tables.  People put bar stools around the island because chairs are too short for the island.  The island is designed to be tall.  It should be tall enough that you can reach it and cut vegetables, peel potatoes, or make a salad standing up. 


It is made so that you do not need to bend down while doing these duties.  With the island being this tall, you will have a hard time finding kitchen chairs that are tall enough.  Beside, bar stools are more attractive with their sleek design.  You don’t want to put a big, bulky chair beside it.  It just would not look right.

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outdoor kitchen accessoriesThere are small versions that are more for sitting and there are also designs that are for sitting as well as storage and even cooking preparation.  You can purchase the type of island that is actually installed onto your floor, or you can purchase the type of island that is on wheels.  The smaller versions, the ones made for sitting, do not need to be installed or on wheels.  They don’t weigh enough to move enough to worry about any of that.  Which one you decide on depends on what you want to do with it.

The small version of an island is made just for sitting and possibly food preparation.  They are usually big enough for two people to sit at.  This type of island has two bar stools that sit underneath the island itself when someone is not using it.  These islands are made out of a sturdy wood.  Some of them have a cutting board built into the top of it.  This makes cutting up vegetables on it easier.  If your island does not have a cutting board attached,  it necessary to use a cutting board if you are preparing dinner on the island.  If not, you will scratch the wood.

The larger version of the island, first of all, is capable of seating more people.  If you have room for it, some islands have enough room to put as many as five chairs around it.  There are some islands that are made out of wood and there are some made out of marble.  Which one you buy depends on the style of your kitchen. 


The larger kitchen islands have cabinets underneath.  This is for extra storage for pans, or dishes.  This comes in handy for the kitchen with not much cupboard space.  At the top of the island, you can sometimes find drawers.  In these drawers you can keep utensils.  The drawers are not very deep but they can hold a utensil set which serves eight.  If you get a nicer, higher quality island, you can get one with an addition that hangs from the ceiling.  It is hung right above the island. 

It has hooks hanging from it that you can hang pans from.  Any pan set with holes at the end of the handles will work.  This is a very good idea because you are potentially saving yourself an entire cupboards worth of space.  This also makes them more accessible.  You will not have to go digging for a pan everywhere.  They will all be right at your reach whenever you need one. 


You can also buy a version of this attachment with lights.  If the lighting in your kitchen is bad, or if you have only the overhead light and you would like a smaller light, this is the right addition for you.  Considering all the storage space an island has, the lighting, the convince, and the seating capacity, why would anyone want a regular kitchen table.

If the kitchen island sounds like a good idea, there are several different places that you can purchase one.  One place where you can find large variety is an appliance store.  If the store does not have a large selection there, they will have a catalog that you can look through and they will order it for you.  You can also find kitchen islands at department stores.

The selection is not that great but you can find something.  There are specialty stores that make things for kitchens out of “butcher blocks.”  You can find some very nice islands there or even have one custom made for you.  It will be more expensive but you will get exactly what you want.  One last place that you can check for islands is on the internet.  It will be rather expensive to pay the shipping costs but the online shopping is more convenient.  You can check at seven different stores before you even get dressed in the morning.  Kitchen islands are a nice idea for any kitchen with the room for one.

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