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Kitchen Island Plans

A kitchen island can be a wonderful idea for a kitchen just being built or a kitchen that is not very large or accessible.  The kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen.  It is located in the middle, between the sink and stove area as well as the refrigerator.  It acts as the connecting link in the “kitchen chain.”

You can go to the store and purchase an island, but in doing that, you cannot customize it.  If you are handy and have a little imagination, you can build one yourself.  All you need are the proper tools and a kitchen island plan that is simple enough for you to handle.

Before beginning working on your kitchen island plan, you will need to make sure that you have all of the tools necessary.  Whatever tools you do not have, you will need to go out and purchase.  You will need most of the basic carpentry tools.  If you do not have a circular saw, a table saw can be used in its place. 

There are a couple things that you will need to know.  If you are using a circular saw you should clamp a straightedge in place to act as a fence or a guide.  It is also important to keep a sharp blade and be sure that the blade is square.  You can check this by checking the blade with a combination square.  This should be done only after the table saw has been unplugged.

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Kitchen Island PlansBefore you begin building your kitchen island, you will need to draw up a plan.  This plan will need to include all of the appliances, shelving, and even the utilities which will need run to your kitchen island.  If you are considering a cooking surface or refrigerator, or even lights in your island, you will need to plan for an electrician to run the electricity to the unit.

The first thing that you will want to do is take the initial measurements.  This is done after you have decided what you will be including in your island.  You will want to purchase the appliances which you will be including and deciding the measurements of the


shelving.  This way, you will be able to fit everything in properly.  If you do not take accurate measurements, you will either not have enough room for  everything that you want to add or have too much empty space.
You will need to decide what you want to add to your island so that you can measure these things. 

There are many different things that you can add to your kitchen island plan.  Most people will add lots of cupboard space and shelves.  One reason for building the island could be extra storage space.  You will need to measure the cabinets so that you can measure the cabinet doors to fit.  If you are considering an additional cooking source, you will need to choose the exact one that you want and take measurements of it. You will want to measure both the length and width of it as well as the depth of the cooking source. 

It is important that you measure everything correctly so that it all fits in the end.  You can opt to put a refrigerator in your kitchen island plan.  If you will be doing this, it is important that you measure the refrigerator precisely.  The measurements are important so the it fits in length, width and depth.  You also need to figure how you will be connecting the electricity for any electrical appliances that you will be installing. 

Another good idea is to put electrical outlets on the island.  This could possibly free up counter space that you do not have.  If you have a small appliance, such as a toaster or a blender, and you do not have the counter space, rather than keeping these things in drawers until you need them,  you can keep them right on your island.  If you will be preparing food on your island, the outlets will come in handy in your island plan as well.  You can use an electric knife or an egg beater right on the island.  


Once you have measured all of the amenities you are adding to your kitchen, you can figure the amount of wood that you will need.  First you must choose the type of wood that you want.  If you are adding the island to an already existing kitchen, you should choose a wood that close to matches with the existing kitchen. If you are installing an island in a new kitchen, you should still be sure to match the wood accordingly.  You should also choose the type of counter top.  Before purchasing it, you should have an idea of the size of it.  Because this is the last part to be put on your island, you should have an idea of the size that your top should be.  The material for the top of your island can vary.  You can do it in butcher block, granite or marble, or stainless steel.  One you have chosen this it is time to begin assembling your island.

This can be a complicated job but in the end the finished product will become the heart of your kitchen.